Aeropower has conducted more than 90,000 hours of aviation operations in Australia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Hong Kong / China and Israel.

Company Background

As one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest helicopter operators with international contracts, Aeropower has the strength, the safety record, and the resources to provide your perfect scenic flight experience.

Established in 1991 the company now employs 45 people with bases in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

We have been awarded recognition for Quality Management System AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Work Health and Safety AS/NZS 4801(National) and Work Health and Safety ISO18001(International) which we are incredibly proud of.

In-House Engineers

Our company engineers work exclusively on our own aircraft and oversee all our maintenance in-house. Unlike other operations our engineers are onsite here in Redcliffe so keep our scenic flight fleet in exceptional condition.

This ensures a high aircraft availability to meet scenic flight demand and gives you the peace of mind of a safe and efficient flight.

Our maintenance staff also cycle through our powerline support operations Australiawide and overseas to keep their skills sharp.

Flight Training

Co-located with our scenic flight and charter operation at Redcliffe is the company’s flight school.

From here our instructors provide training for private and commercial students along with upgrade and renewal training for licensed pilots.

The school is regularly audited for RTO compliance and the approval to train overseas students.

If you would like to get behind the controls of a helicopter and experience what it is like to fly one then ask about our Trial Introduction Flights.

Your Pilots

When Rob is not flying our guests over Redcliffe, the Glasshouse Mountains and surrounding area he is busy teaching future helicopter pilots and supporting the company’s powerline maintenance operations.

Rob has flown all over Australia and has been based back in Brisbane for over 7 years. He knows the local area and its history incredibly well.

After a career in the military Warren is now enjoying the opportunity to put his skills towards flight operations over Brisbane and SE QLD. Whether its joyflights, guided air tours or aerial photography you will find Warren knowledgable and willing to go out of his way to ensure you have a great experience.

Bruce specialises in our weddings and special occasion flights. He spends his spare time scouting location venues and attractions to provide you an amazing range of itinerary possibilities to compliment our standard tour routes.

As a long time local, Bruce enjoys showcasing the incredible views of the Moreton Bay region to visitors.

Tour Aircraft Fleet

The AS350 Squirrel is a popular charter and utility helicopter used around the world. It seats 5 passengers + pilot and cruises at 220km/h.

Our Bell 206 Jetranger offers excellent flexibility for charters and sightseeing flights. It can carry 4 passengers + pilot. An interesting fact is that Dick Smith was the first to fly around the world solo in a helicopter and used a similar helicopter to our Jetranger.

The mainstay of tourism flights right around Australia, the Robinson R44 seats 3 passengers + pilot and provides excellent views from all seats. In warmer weather you can ask for an extra thrill and fly with the doors removed.

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